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outside B
inside B
key action B

Baldwin Artist Series piano

Hammer wear 20%

Made in USA in 1935

Touch is medium light

Tone quality is medium soft


Ratings Guide

Rating are only a buying guide for overal condition due to age and wear. Generally the lower the rating the more wear or age the piano will have.

All ratings catagories will provide a piano that is in good working order. All keys will function properly with no broken parts or major defects. If an inspection finds an unwanted condition, repairs can be done or simply choose another piano. Any older piano can be improved by reconditioning or restoration. We can provide you with improvement options if needed.

Any questions are welcomed and encouraged. The more you know about pianos the better equipped you will be to make a wise purchase.

  • Outside - Everything that has finish or color along with the hardware (hinges, casters, etc.)
  • Inside - Inside top area including strings, pins, pinblock, soundboard, bridges and plate
  • Key action - All moving parts from the keys to the hammers including the damper action

Rating are separate for each area. The outside may have a B rating from moving wear etc. whereas the inside or key action could be A or better because it was never played much.

  • A+

     From the factory condition
  • A

     One or two minor defects in finish, same with inside, minor or no wear on key action
  • B+

     Less than five defects in finish, wear on music desk, some light corrosion on strings, more wear on key action.
  • B

     Finish shows swirl marks, some hardware tarnish, inside shows some dirt and medium string corrosion. 20% hammer wear, parts showing wear.
  • C+

     Larger finish damage, chips, scratches, plate has some minor damage or age coloring, strings showing age, key action in need of adjustments, hammer wear is 20% to 30%
  • C

     Case is showing age with several wear spots or nicks, discoloration, inside is showing age darkening or moderate wear, hammer wear is 30% or more.


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Baldwin M #258233      $5,500

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