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American Piano Wholesalers

Curt Vonderbeck

Owner-Curt Vonderbeck

2610 Taft Ave Orlando, FL 32804



Mr Vonderbecke began restoring pianos in Alaska in 1976.Iinitially he traveled throughout the USA to find heirlooms and other rare instruments in need of restoration and has worked in Alaska, Washington and is currently based in Florida. Over the years he has become familiar with all areas of piano technology, manufacturing and sales. His goal is to help people gain knowledge about pianos and the piano industry in order to find the right instrument for thier particular needs at the lowest fair price. All pianos for sale are located in a large warehouse in College Park (Orlando) FL. You are welcome to come, play, inspect and ask questions about pianos. By apointment only.... no staff....low overhead equals lower prices.


Berg Piano

Dan Berg

Owner-Dan Berg RPT

1201 Upsala Rd Sanford, FL 32771



Mr Berg is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild; a non-profit organization to promote the highest possible service standards and professional development. To obtain RPT status the individual must pass rigorous testing in Piano tuning, technical skill and overall piano knowledge. He currently serves as President for the Central Florida Chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild. Currently he is restoring pianos for several parties as well as tuning and servicing pianos for families, professional musicians and performance venues. He is knowledgable and experienced with all areas of piano restoration including action restoration, soundboard construction, refinishing, redesign, and historical pianos. He is a proponent of professional development and being current in technology and education. He has extensive experience with modern player piano systems including recording and performance technology.

Delivery is the responsibility of the buyer. We do have professional piano movers that can handle this for you from each location. We will be glad to provide their information.

National or worldwide delivery can be arranged if needed please call to inquire

Full disclosure of piano condition is our policy and warranties are offered on most pianos. Pre-purchase inspection is welcome. If you do not have a piano tuner or technician that could do this for you, the PTG (Piano Technicians Guild) website has a search function to help you find a technician to inspect a piano for you. Here is the link for PTGwww.PTG.org

Central Florida Chapter of the PTG weblink: www.ptgcentralflorida.org

Player piano systems can be installed on almost any piano. Below are links to 2 companies that offer player systems. Both of these companies offer systems that use Wifi to control the player with any wifi capable device such as a smartphone, pad, laptop or desktop. We recommend QRS technology.

We install units that allow the user to record what is being played and devices that will make the piano quite so the player can use headphones to practice or record music while not disturbing others.


Steinway M 5' 7"berg avatar

Built in 1922 complete restoration in 2012

All new actions, bridge caps, strings & pins, refinished

$24,000 (SOLD)

Schimmel K189berg avatar

6' 3" made in 2003

Like new condition


Pramberger JP208apw avatar

7' made in 2001

In "A" condition


Yamaha CF3apw avatar

Former Disney World Piano


Baldwin M berg avatar

Plays and sounds pleasant